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  • Published: Nov 18th, 2015 at 5:38 pm

FW Enterprises Ltd.

November 17, 2015

An Exciting Update on the Fairwinds Waterfront (Schooner Cove) Neighbourhood

We are pleased to announce some information regarding our preliminary plan for new development in the Fairwinds waterfront neighbourhood.

The Fairwinds Community is in need of neighborhood scale shops and services to serve the day-to-day needs of residents and visitors alike. It was envisioned that these services would be located in a grouping of newly developed buildings along a pedestrian “Village Stroll” in the area now occupied by the old hotel building, marina office and launch ramp.

FW Enterprises is not comfortable that this approach is the correct one for all involved, and we are currently working to finalize a revised plan for the initial phase of the Waterfront Village that will utilize the existing building to house the commercial uses. These would include a neighborhood grocery store, pub, cold beer and wine store, restaurant, coffee shop, marina office and other complimentary retail and service businesses.

To this end we have retained Dialog Architects, who successfully envisioned and created Granville Island, to work on the planning for this phase of the development.

While the existing building is clearly not attractive as it stands, it has fantastic “bones”, being built with massive steel components by Dominion Bridge. There are many reasons why a renovation and re-purposing of this building makes sound sense for all stakeholders, including:

• A single large building with shops and services all “under one roof” promotes community feel and shopping comfort, particularly in the wet winter months;

• Allows for the retention of significant elements of the existing mature landscaping and surface parking area;

• Allows for retention of the existing boat launch ramp;

• The financial viability of reusing the existing building means the project can move ahead in the near term. vs. potentially years of waiting for viability of constructing new commercial buildings;

• Lower cost to develop space for the retailers and service providers under this approach will result in greater commercial viability for the individual businesses;

• The existing building has character and history, and will be more iconic than any newly built structures;

• Reusing existing structure is far more environmentally sensible;


The intent is to completely renovate and update the existing building, to meet all applicable codes, and including all new building systems. The completed building will provide shopping, dining and public areas with panoramic views of the waterfront and marina, and will connect to an extensive and publicly accessible waterfront realm as broadly envisioned in the existing Neighborhood Plan.

We expect preliminary plans to be available for review and discussion soon. It is our desire to have the building renovated and ready for occupancy by the Summer of 2016.


Ian Porter

Managing Director, FW Enterprises Ltd.

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