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Seven ways to show off champagne taste even on a Baby Duck budget.

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  • Parksville Qualicum Beach REALTOR®
  • Published: Sep 10th, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Conjuring a luxury kitchen takes ingenuity when the finances just don’t measure up. But spotlighting a few areas can really boost an uninspiring builder’s kitchen. House Beautiful has these tips,

1. Start with layout. Making the work triangle as small as possible facilitates efficiency, and makes the rest easier.
2. Choose cabinets that hit the ceiling, for extra storage and hence, tidiness.
3. Splurge on the backsplash, as it takes up the most visual space after the cabinetry.
4. Upgrade basic hardware. It won’t cost a lot, relatively speaking, but it makes a huge difference.
5. Choose a stunning light fixture. (No more dreaded dome lights on the ceiling, please.)
6. Floors should be 12 inch tile on the diagonal, or the same wood as the rest of the house.
7. Get the best-quality sink you can afford, but buy a tap according to price, finish and shape – in that order.

(Source - Vancouver Sun, June 20, 2015)

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